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April 17th, 2017

Monday's accomplishments

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I'm pushing up against a couple of deadlines, so of course today I had to clean out my closet.


In my own defense, I made a lot of progress against one of the deadlines this morning. I was multi-tasking by running laundry while working, and I made the mistake of stepping into my closet. It's been bothering me for weeks now, and with the Tiny Wardrobe Tour lecture coming up in a week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled everything out of the closet, switched winter clothes for spring/summer clothes, vacuumed, KonMaried the closet clothes (not the dresser clothes, those will have to wait until next weekend), and rearranged the closet a bit.

It's a large closet. I've considered setting up a tiny desk and sound system in there to write. I definitely plan to use it as a sound studio when I get around to recording my audiobooks.

Anyway, it is now a pleasure to step into the closet, and I have perhaps 50 pieces of clothing hanging in it, and now I have one last hour to work on the writing deadline before I need to go to bed. Also, my back is killing me.

Boss is out for the next two weeks, which means our staff is effectively down by a third. There are four of us who work there, but one doesn't do any public stuff if she can help it (and who can blame her, it isn't part of her job description). So I'm working extra hours this week and next, which will be lovely for my bank account but not so lovely for my writing and Etsy time.

Tried a recipe from [personal profile] angelofthenorth tonight--the Sweet Potato and Pepper Soup was delicious!

Tomorrow I start the work week, and hopefully finish one of my two deadline projects.

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