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April 17th, 2017

Monday's accomplishments

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I'm pushing up against a couple of deadlines, so of course today I had to clean out my closet.


In my own defense, I made a lot of progress against one of the deadlines this morning. I was multi-tasking by running laundry while working, and I made the mistake of stepping into my closet. It's been bothering me for weeks now, and with the Tiny Wardrobe Tour lecture coming up in a week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled everything out of the closet, switched winter clothes for spring/summer clothes, vacuumed, KonMaried the closet clothes (not the dresser clothes, those will have to wait until next weekend), and rearranged the closet a bit.

It's a large closet. I've considered setting up a tiny desk and sound system in there to write. I definitely plan to use it as a sound studio when I get around to recording my audiobooks.

Anyway, it is now a pleasure to step into the closet, and I have perhaps 50 pieces of clothing hanging in it, and now I have one last hour to work on the writing deadline before I need to go to bed. Also, my back is killing me.

Boss is out for the next two weeks, which means our staff is effectively down by a third. There are four of us who work there, but one doesn't do any public stuff if she can help it (and who can blame her, it isn't part of her job description). So I'm working extra hours this week and next, which will be lovely for my bank account but not so lovely for my writing and Etsy time.

Tried a recipe from [personal profile] angelofthenorth tonight--the Sweet Potato and Pepper Soup was delicious!

Tomorrow I start the work week, and hopefully finish one of my two deadline projects.

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August 8th, 2010

Go me!

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I honestly can't believe everything I've accomplished this weekend. I think either the Zoloft kicked in or I kicked my own ass into gear. Things I've done since Friday evening:
  • Went through both closets and four of my five dresser drawers and got rid of three trashbags full of clothes. Dad dropped them off at Trinity Mission for me yesterday.
  • Three loads of laundry
  • Got all my exercise clothes washed and loaded into my gym bag.
  • Biked several miles on the West Lafayette park system's bike trails with Mom.
  • Hiked at Celery Bog and saw a green heron, a kingfisher, and lots of the usual waterfowl.
  • Got my night-elf warrior up to level 37 and fished in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. Didn't win though.
  • Started working on new graphics for this year's [profile] cm_exchange--which will be opening for sign-ups this month!
  • Cleaned off my desk.
  • Found DVD #1 of North and South (BBC one) and the padlock I spent 20 minutes looking for yesterday.
  • Balanced my checkbook and paid all my bills--and even had money left over!
  • Revised 1500 words of my original novel, including writing a brand new scene with elements of two of the old scenes.
  • Rediscovered my recliner.

And now I'm off to bed by 10:30! One of these days I'll manage to get my bedtime moved back to 9:30 on work nights, but 10:30 is pretty good! G'night, all!

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November 23rd, 2009

Photo motivation

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Because I'm getting nowhere on my Big NaNo ComebackTM tonight and the mess in my room is driving me nuts, I am going to clean until 8.

Photographic evidence of the mess )

I'll post a set of after shots in 40 minutes.

November 12th, 2007

NaNo Word Count

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20149 / 50000 words. 40% done!

*sigh* I really would have liked to break 25k today, but hey, I got three loads of laundry done. And Merlin is eating solid food again and begging me to share my chicken with him, so all is normal in his world, huzzah. He is currently curled up on my Recliner of +2 Sleepiness, with his head in a donkey's butt. *snerk* No, seriously. He seems very content there.

I have sent my SnuSa to beta and am hoping it requires little editing. *g* We'll see.

September 14th, 2007

Books and organization

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Oh, man, I really don't want to be at work this morning. They are banging, sawing, vibrating, and otherwise being very noisy right outside my cubicle. I tried to do a voice post yesterday so you all could hear it, but my stupid phone is apparently too good at filtering out noise, because it didn't come through at all. But they're very annoying, and I only have one more thing to do before the mail comes (whenever that is, but I'm sure no earlier than 11:30), and I just want to crew out now. x.x I have a wretched headache, and of course the noise isn't helping in that regard. I have Google Docs open and have been flipping back and forth between work-screen and doc-screen. (I have to space the work out, you know, or otherwise I run out of anything that even remotely resembles work, and if someone came in and caught me, I would feel awkward.)

My allergies have been acting up since last night, probably because of the amount of dust I encountered while moving bookcases and cleaning behind them. I now only have three bookcases in my bedroom, but I also have a recliner in there, so life is good. And my books are much more organized than they were. Of course, they were semi-organized anyway, all the Tolkiens together, all the Lewises on the shelf below the Tolkiens, most of the Celtic mythology together, most of the Harry Potter together, most of the literature together...

But now it's really organized! Beowulf now shares a shelf with Tolkien (though I still hold out hope for getting my hands on his translation), as well as books about the Inklings (and by them--[info]slightlyjillian, I'm still planning to read The Place of the Lion!). Lewis is, of course, still on the shelf right below Tolkien--this is for two reasons: first of all, the shelf isn't long enough to hold them both, and secondly some of the Tolkien books are taller than any of the Lewises, so he needs to go on the top shelf. My Harry Potter shelf also includes all my books about Britain, as well as books like What's Cooking in Scotland? and The Romance of Chemistry, which is a book I think Snape (or at least Lupin) would appreciate. ^_~ All my Celtic mythology shares a shelf with all my writing books, which are on the shelf under the Harry Potter & Britain books (again, because some of the books on Britain are huge coffee-table-type picture books). I also have all my urban/modern fantasy collected on one shelf (except the de Lint books I loaned to [info]thesnapelyone), and all my alternate history (aka Temeraire and Ruled Brittania, &c) and other-world epic fantasy are on the next shelf down.

I have three more shelves (one on each bookcase) that really need to be organized. For instance I'm pretty sure Gaudy Night is in the pink bookcase, while Whose Body? is on the one with Tolkien. I plan, of course, to have Sayers share a bookcase with the Inklings.

Anyway. I still have some work to do, and then once the actual rearranging and organizing is done, I have three freaking boxes of papers that need to be sorted, purged, or filed. x.x This society generates waaaaay too much paper, I tell you. I've signed up for paperless statements on as many bills as I can, though this imperils my on-time payments, because I can't believe the amount of paper I generate just in a year of financial statements, bills, bank accounts, etc
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