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2011 Year in Review (First post of the month)

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The first lines meme for 2011.

January: My 2010 Reading List had 105 books on it, 7 of those (I believe) non-fiction.

February: So last week I spent three days with a stomach bug, so I stayed home Wednesday through Friday.

March: I live in Indiana.

April: So many things I was going to do tonight, including getting feedback to someone, writing a scene, maybe some laundry...and five hours later I've watched the first two discs of Six Feet Under but haven't accomplished anything else.

May: A friend of my mom's is looking for a book.

June: I am currently researching something that, if my suspicions are correct, is going to cost my company about $13,000.

July: Posting this here for a couple of people who have taken the precaution of deleting G+ for the time being. (Seriously: I didn't post until July 25? I knew this was a crazy summer, but wow.)

August: Ganked from a lot of my friends, here's the NPR's Most Popular Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels meme.

September: I'm still sort of overwhelmed at the amount of poop two small but growing cats produce.

October: Happy fucking birthday to me.

November: I quit my job on the 24th.

December: Yesterday was a good day.

Wow, that leaves out so much. Like Merlin dying and my trip out west and getting two new kittens and the migraines and the job trouble and the financial trouble and quitting after being made part-time and Mom winning the trip to Trinidad & Tobago and winning NaNoWriMo and fighting the company for my unemployment and winning the unemployment appeal and spraining my ankle.

Whew. Just typing that makes me tired. What a crazy year. Here's hoping 2012 is better career-wise for me.

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