A partial response to the brouhaha about real names on G+

A partial response to the brouhaha about real names on G+

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Posting this here for a couple of people who have taken the precaution of deleting G+ for the time being.

Apparently this Robert Scoble guy who posted this is famous, but as I am only a geek and not a programmer, I had never heard of him. Anyway, here is what he says he was told re: the real names issue at G+.
  • Thanks for dusting off your IJ to post this. I understand that people in general might be more polite, posting under their own names, but there will always be people who will fake an account...or post obnoxiously. And as this seems to be the one Pro argument for real names among many other Cons for pseudonyms, I think Google has needlessly made many people like me too paranoid to use the service now.

    It's funny how we take a service for granted until we have reason to think about what would happen if it goes away. At least now I've been reminded to back things up and will not be using G+ until Google changes its polices...if it ever does.

    *HUGS* Thanks again!

    love, lore
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