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Home again, home again

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Just got home from vacation a couple of hours ago. Doing laundry and avoiding looking at the unpacking mess on my bed. Clearly I don't have the BAU ready-bag mentality. I wonder if I would ever get good at that, being ready to leave in a moment's notice and have everything I needed.

It was lots of fun and began with visiting Monocacy where my hometown hero General Lew Wallace (better known as the author of Ben Hur, Governor of New Mexico territory, and US Ambassador to Turkey), saved the Union. It also included climbing Maryland Heights at Harper's Ferry in 90+ temperatures, horseback riding on the battlefield at Gettysburg, walking along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, driving the National Road (US 40), and a quick stop at Fort Necessity, where George Washington basically started the French and Indian War by accident.

I picked up at least half a dozen stamps for my National Parks passport, and I got a sunburn and sore shins and a sore butt. Also I had to buy two pairs of shorts because I only packed one pair, because who the heck thought it was going to be in the 90s in April in the mountains? Then I was freezing yesterday because it was SNOWING at Fort Necessity and my jeans smelled so strongly of horse that I couldn't really wear them again. LOL

We also visited Adams County Winery in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania, after looking at the websites of Fauquier and Loudon County wineries from the Virginia Wine Country. Any winery that a) doesn't list its wine prices, or b) charges a tasting fee, got nixed from my list, and we quickly decided that Virginia Wine Country was too hoity-toity for us. We found Adams County by accident and came home with seven bottles of wine. Yes, seven. I also tried on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses at the Gettysburg outlet mall and...quickly sacrificed a large portion of my rather tiny vacation budget to buy them.

I did manage to catch the Criminal Minds Lousy CM Spinoff episode on Wednesday, and Supernatural on Thursday. My poor parents were totally lost with SPN, and both thought the CM spinoff as bad as I did. And now I'm glad to be home and my kitty is snuggly enough that he must have forgiven me already for being gone, and it's back in the 70s, which is acceptable weather for early-to-mid-April. But I really don't want to go to work on Monday.

So what has been going on with all of you? I tried to keep up on things, but the spotty nature of reading LJ on the BlackBerry and having a very weak wifi signal at the hotel (combined with being so exhausted I didn't bother turning on the computer a couple of evenings), made that difficult.

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